Red Mountain Cattle Company LLC

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our mission:

The Marketplace

The Marketplace offers our valley grown, grass-fed beef products, our own local raw honey, farm fresh eggs and free range chickens.

Stop by and visit!

Grass Fed Beef - Local Raw Honey 
Farm Fresh Eggs - Free Range Chickens!

Our Facilities

We are an affiliate of Tyler Farms; a family owned and operated farm on 43 acres located in Northeast Mesa.


Tyler Farms is raising and selling its non-GMO Grass-Fed Beef, it's own Raw Honey, Farm Fresh Eggs and Free Range Chickens.

The Product's

From our own hives at the farm we produce local raw honey and from the pastures - grass-fed beef.

At Red Mountain Cattle company quality matters! We raise all our beef here on the farm. We provide a variety of grasses in each of our pastures and treat every animal on the farm humanely and respectfully.  

Provide the best grass-fed beef & raw honey in Arizona!

​​Red Mountain Cattle Company